MMS Certified Coach

What is an MMS Certified Coach?

An MMS Certified Life Coach is someone who is a facility, an aid to another person in achieving all of his or her goals and objectives. It is someone who can allow another person to penetrate the thoughts and feelings, hope and expectations and discover their heart's desires, get in touch with his inner essence and know exactly what he/she wants.

The coaching process is the opposite of being an expert. It is about being bonded to another person and going on a journey into his inner world to find out his secret truths.

An MMS Certified Coach is someone who can get out of the way and be a mirror for another person who wants to take a close look at himself.

  • He/She is a person who can set aside his own concerns or worries and be present with and for another.

  • He/She is a person who can accept the client as he is and encourage him to go for what he wants.

  • He/She listens, intuits, and probes.

  • He/She connects with another's essence and creates a safe environment in which the client can choose.

  • He/She blends male and female energy: the female being accepting, receptive, and loving coupled with the male energy, which is probing, thrusting, and causative. The blend of the two validate where the person is and encourage him to go for what he wants.

The purpose of the Coach Training

The purpose of MMS Coach Training is to help people develop outstanding interpersonal skills, to use the in-depth questioning approach to be able to help people find their own answers and turn their visions into reality. It is not necessary to have the goal of becoming a professional coach. The coach training program also enables you to achieve life mastery.

What a Coach Could Do for Your Life

If you have thought about having a life coach, but you don't really know what a coach could do for you, then here are some options to consider.

Duration of Coach Training

MMS Life Coach Training is 12 weeks long (three months) and meets on one evening of the week for four hours. There are also six process days that meet strategically throughout the three months: 2 days at the beginning of the program, 2 days in the middle of the program, and 2 days at the end of the program. There are also three "Feedback Sessions" that are conducted with a guest, the participant, and a "Feed-backer person." The entire program is over 180 hours of training. The Training is designed to enable you to continue with your job, with your family, and with your life while taking the life-altering Coach Training.