MMS Life Coach Training


How do you help someone in transition? How do you coax their spirit to come forward and lead the search for their truth? How do you invite their authentic self to tell their untellable truth in the midst of confusion, uncertainty and fear?

The MMS coaching process is as delicate as psychic surgery, as connected as two entwining souls, and as magical as a lightning strike across a pitch-black sky. Being with another in their quest for their own truth is both an honor and a responsibility. At the simplest level, you bear witness to their innermost process that includes their thoughts and feelings, their wishes, hopes, fears, concerns, and their deepest yearnings for the life they are privileged to live.

You are required to be still and uncluttered, to "hold" them in your mind's eye much as a mother holds her child in her consciousness. It requires that you remain present, fully present, without agenda, fully focused on them… listening, feeling, intuiting, connecting, allowing what wants to come forth to be born.

You don't know the road, but you can feel the ground under you. You don't know what direction to pursue, but you hold the light that shines the way. You don't know the answers, but you possess the countenance to hold the void from which the answers emerge.

It is as if you have embarked on an emotional, psychological, and archeological "dig" looking for buried treasure. You believe it is there or you wouldn't have set out on the mission. There is always a degree of uncertainty as to whether all of the elements will line up properly…if you will find the treasure today, yet trusting that if the timing is right, and the groundwork has been properly laid, that the magical moments discovering the treasures of one's innermost truth will once again be revealed.

Safety is essential. Safety comes from the absence of judgment…the permission to say whatever is there without censorship. Safety happens when you know in the core of your being that you cannot say or do anything wrong, that you are being held in the aura of perfection regardless of what you do or don't say.

Smugness and arrogance are inappropriate and kill the energy of possibility. Ego and self-importance eliminate the potential for transformation. It is in the cradle of humility coupled with sincerest curiosity that the climate of creativity can manifest. It doesn't always happen… but it always occurs when there is the essence of readiness, willingness, trust, and ability that converge and indicate that the timing is right.

It takes time to develop the consciousness of a true MMS coach. It takes care and attention to ensure that they will do what is necessary to respond with an open heart and clean energy. Like the process of developing a perfect Pinot Noir, some things can't be rushed. The integrity of the process is more important than keeping track of time. Making certain that the MMS coach possesses the composure to be fully present, balancing confidence and humility, grounded in their essence and knowing it is not about them, and yet able to guide the process without directing takes time and commitment. This is the art that we teach at MMS Institute, LLC.