Coach Training Syllabus


MMS Coach Training Syllabus

Two and a half days first Process Days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Session #1

Overview of the program Introduction of key people Coach's Training Commitment (Ground rules) MMS' mission MMS' assumptions CT Objectives Demonstration session Overview of MMS' Coaching principles

Session #2

"Awareness" Cleaning the vessel Being fully "Present" Triggers Journal Keeping Awareness techniques List of Core Competencies for a "Brilliant"

Session #3

Listening What prevents you from listening? Non-directive listening Judgments & Connection Clues to reveal disconnection The five levels of communication Messages

Session #4

Choice and Decision A comparison What constitutes a decision What constitutes a choice Indecision & Negaholism The MBTI Mid-Training (2nd) Process Days: Friday & Saturday

Session #5

Objectives & Manifesting Law of Attraction Definition of an Objective Examples of good objectives

Session #6

Energy & Chakras Using energy in sessions Energy exchange Flow in a session The approval syndrome What is a "Brilliant" session

Session #7

Living the process Shift in the CT Balance Lessons Johari Window Giving & Receiving Feedback

Session #8

Building your Coaching Practice Marketing your service Alone or with a group Determine what comes with each session Session Progression

Session #9

Self Coaching Recapping Purpose of recapping When and why to recap The importance of feelings The Rules for Being Human Process Final Training (3rd) Process Days: Friday & Saturday

Session #10

Building your Community Types of coaching sessions Conscious/Competent model Transformational Life Coaching Balance Actions to change any behavior

Session #11

Empowerment What does it mean to empower? What stops you from empowering Unconscious projection

Session #12

Review of coaching Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Final sessions & Process

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