Benefits of the Business Coach Training

The following is information on the business benefits received by people who have taken Motivation Management Institutes' Coach Training. There have been several thousand people who have taken MMS Business Coach Training in the last 32 years. From many testimonials the following business benefits have been emphasized:

Increased Communication Skills

  • Hearing and accurately registering what another person says so the person knows he has been heard.
  • Communication with others accurately and in a manner that can be received.

Self Understanding

  • Identifying one's own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Better understanding of one's own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Concentration of one's strengths.

Developing Leadership Abilities

Criticism :

  • Ability to accept criticism without taking it personally or being defensive
  • Ability to make correction Responsibility:
  • Realization of a solution oriented approach to problem solving.
  • Development of a solution oriented approach to problem solving.
  • Constructive use of time on solution rather than talking about the problem.


  • Increased self confidence which resulted in increased productivity. Commitment
  • Renewed commitment to what one is doing.
  • Clearer understanding of which way to go. Motivation
  • More motivation about one's self.
  • More motivation, as a result, about everything.

The Outcome

Increased self-confidence

Expanded Personal Power

Conflict Resolution

Positive self regard

Inner directed motivation

Decision making skills

Goal clarification

Self management skills

In Addition

We offer Partnership consulting and a Corporate Change Agent Training Program on demand along with Business Coach Training, Leadership Coach Training, Executive Business Coach.

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