CT Testimonials


Suzy Prudden


The MMS Institute’s Coach Training was the most powerful training I have ever done. It gave me tools that I didn’t even know that I needed. It was life changing in terms of the work I do. It took me to places inside myself that I healed but was unaware that they needed healing. The MMS Coach Training gave me the opportunity to express parts of myself that I never allowed myself to express before. I saw myself in the other participants and as a result see myself differently.


Dieter Koenig


The MMS Coach Training changed my life. It was the single most transforming experience I have ever had regarding human connection and service.

Dr. Cherie has been my coach since 1990. I consider her effect on me is like the space shuttle transporting me back into orbit. You help me realize my true potential.


Stacy Frank


Just beginning the MMS Coach Training I already noticed a big difference in how I'm listening to others. Listening differently I can already see that I am seeing better results.


Peppy Caccavale


What makes the MMS Coach Training so unique and powerful is that it allowed me to go deeper within myself to find the answers and once the answers are received, the issues dissolve and are gone!


Theresa Enyedi


As a mother helping my children discover their passion and lay out an action plan to achieve their goals is a new gift I can give them thanks to the tools I learned in the MMS Coach Training.


Vinnie Hojecki


The MMS Coach Training provided me with a method of listening that produced results in my life immediately. The coaching sessions help to uncover what stops people from achieving their goals. Most of all I found my life partner and we are playing the game with the same philosophy and perspective. I am very grateful.


Charlotte Bertrand


In the MMS Coach Training I have found the tools to make my life work better. I am happier than ever and communicate my "wants" without reservation. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants a profound growth experience.


Dave Ballantyne


I can't believe that there is a better way to get in touch with your heart's desires than by taking the MMS Coach Training.


Debbie Shore

Since taking the MMS Coach Training, I feel more confident, worthy and sure of myself. I also conserve my truth and I now speak the truth. I also feel more loving and caring towards myself and others.


Sunny Spataro

How does one describe the journey of the self to being? It seems ongoing, our earthly purpose. In the MMS Coach Training, I feel I found more confidence in myself. I'm beginning to trust myself more. I'm able to tune into my feelings more easily. I'm able to express them more in the moment. I'm able to be truthful with myself in the moment and with others. I'm more conscious of speaking the truth. I've learned how judgments impede my speech and relationships.


Jai Jamison

The entire MMS Coach Training has been truly enlightening, exciting and wonderful. It has been a tremendous opportunity for growth and expansion. The past 3 months have given me the chance to change my behaviors within an environment which is grounded to sustain the changes, and to break through some long-standing issues during process days'! I feel deeply honored to be a part of this very special group, and grateful for the support from all the marvelous facilitators.


Bill Shirley

Ski Instructor

The MMS Coach Training has helped me to build stronger relationships with my clients. I also see changes in my relationship with my fellow ski instructors.


Bob Knowlton


Taking the MMS Coach Training has helped me to listen in a new way. It is humbling to realize how long I have worked without having these skills, but that's offset by the pleasure I take in knowing how much better suited I will be from now on to continue my work.


Michele St. Sulpice


Halfway through my life, and at the near graduation of the MMS CT, I feel that I am finally hearing clearly my 'calling'. It is about my 'change of career'. The 'calling'comes from Matthew 4:19: 'and He said unto them, follow me and I will make you fishers of men.' A paraphrase applied to me sound like this: 'And He said unto me, follow me and I will make you an Architect of Human Dynamics.


Monica Lenches

Coldwell Banker

I can see a noticeable change in the way I relate to my clients since taking the MMS CT. I have learned how to connect with them authentically and to sincerely support them, especially in upsetting situations. I feel more comfortable managing problems as they arise and handling client's concerns with dignity and respect for their individual processes.


Cameron Nelson

As I continue to peel away the stale and wilted layers of the onion, I am discovering a fledging person that is full of life, emotion, desire and passion. I have a vivid dream of what the future holds. I am proud to be a dreamer once again thanks to the MMS CT!


Jo-Anne Guderian

Coldwell Banker Premier Realty

I took the MMS CT in October of 2005. I am a Manager of a real estate sales office, and took the training to increase my ability to work with and coach my agents to higher levels of success. However, what I have gained has been much more. It has benefited me in my marriage, my relationship with my children which is invaluable, and of course my relationship with myself! I recognize now when I personally am stuck on an issue and know when to reach out and ask for help, of course from a graduate of the MMS CT! In my work environment I have discovered that I am more able to connect with people at a deep level, in the coaching process and in dealing with people in general, be they sellers, buyers or potential recruits. I help my agents with much more than their real estate sales business', helping them work through personal issues as well as career issues. What I know is that when an individual is happier in all areas of their life, they are much more likely to succeed in their chosen profession, it is a true win:win.

The MMS CT has definitely helped me with what was the daunting task of starting an office from scratch, it has eased the process and I am very grateful for the opportunity of taking the MMS CT.


Roland Slot

The moment I met Cherie, I felt a special connection and I thought: she can teach me some things that are important for me to learn. So I took the MMS Coach Training, which exceeded my already high expectations. I learnt a lot about myself, got rid of a couple of major limiting beliefs and learnt to be an effective coach, able to empower others. I use my newly acquired skills in my businesses, in my family and in every aspect of my life, wherever I find it appropriate to use them. What I especially like about Cherie and Lynn is that they really practice what they preach. This illustrates the power of their philosophy. I can highly recommend this course to anyone, regardless whether you want to become a professional coach, change jobs or just want to get better at what you are already doing.


Mark Robert Pace

Camarillo, CA

"Dear Cherie and Lynn,

I gained insight and tools that will increase my effectiveness as a husband, father, brother, and career person for the rest of my life!!! I have already seen the changes in how I approach life; and empowerment are the words that come to mind....I thought that prior to coming to this seminar, I had read and listened to all there was to be said in the way of personal development, I was wrong!!! I have never been so acutely and directly touched by such profound truths as those brought forth in your works. Furthermore, I am a religious person, and I found ("If Life Is A Game...") to parallel so closely my beliefs, testifying to me again, that 'TRUTH IS UNIVERSAL!!'"