Management Consulting


Jack Canfield

President, Self Esteem Seminars

Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

I want to take a moment to personally thank you for all you have done for my organization and me. Your willingness to do whatever is needed and wanted is only surpassed by your outstanding interpersonal skills. It is extraordinary how someone can be such a composite of so many positive qualities and skills, yet amazingly outstanding in every one of them. Let me expand.

You are a left brain pragmatic thinker who strategically plans and deploys almost instantly the agreed upon tasks, yet you display the compassion and empathy of a right brainer who effortlessly facilitates people uncovering their truth. You are a terrific organizer, helping everyone become more efficient and effective in their work spaces. You are a great coach who consistently empowers people to expand into their potential. You are highly intuitive, knowing when to listen, when to be confrontive and when to pull back.

Having experience you as the workshop leader of your Self-Esteem workshop, I must say that I was deeply impressed by your masterful facilitation and teaching skills and that was over 15 years ago.

Throughout the last year, you have worked with every member of my staff to help them focus, clarify, organize, deploy, and be more effective. You have worked with me personally and I have benefited tremendously from your support.

I can’t think of any person or organization who would not benefit from you myriad of skills and abilities. Please know that you have my endorsement and blessing. I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone for one-to-one support, organizational consulting, training or giving seminars and speeches. I am very grateful to you for your contribution to me personally and to my organization as well

With Love and Joy and Tremendous Gratitude,

Patricia D. Brozowski

Vice President Communications, FMC Corporation

Dear Cherie,

What began as an experiment in collaboration with you – and MMS – and FMC, has evolved into a partnership where you’ve made an enormous difference in our company’s change efforts and in the lives of the people you’ve worked with here.

You have been a teacher, facilitator, team-builder, coach, and friend. Your insights into people and tasks are rare gifts that help people understand and cope with issues. You have heart without losing objectivity. You help people find the answers within themselves by asking the right questions. You understand the need for corporate bottom-line results while respecting individual wants and needs. You help bring alignment, so people can be whole.

With your counsel, guidance, and training, you’ve helped bring out communications group together as a team. You’ve helped us understand ourselves better. And you’ve provided a safe place for us to be ourselves and to figure out what’s important in our personal and professional lives. Personally, you’ve helped me renew by spirit and chart a course so I can build on my strengths and develop as a leader and as a human being.

Whether the subject is leadership or change, teamwork or customer focus, you, Lynn, Michael and the entire MMS team blend logic and heart in helping us define issues and find answers. Thanks for being part of the FMC team. We couldn’t be where we are without you. Fondly and with heartfelt thanks,

Karen E. Brill

Manager, Consumer Response,

Dole Consumer Center

Dear Lynn,

I am taking this opportunity to thank you for the tremendous growth opportunities you provided to us through your fabulous MMS workshops. My staff and I are so excited to have you be a part of our on-going quests for personal and professional advancement. From the Employee Owned Change Program and MMS Communications Seminar to Telephone Skills Coaching and the Inner Negotiation Workshop, we are very impressed with the content and presentation of your programs. As our trainer and leader, we feel very supported by you, your sister Cherie Carter-Scott and the entire MMS organization.

Employee Owned Change Program. A result of the EOC was new responsibilities for our Customer Specialists; these are working very well for the whole team. Right after we completed the EOC wrap-up, each Specialist became responsible for several duties related to their assigned product lines. These include period repost distribution, monthly updating of Frequently Asked Questions in the Ask Dole section of and updating of their section of our on-line reference manual. Additional assignments include Claims Assistant, Production Assistant, Email Assistant, Back Up Systems Administrator, and Quality Assurance/Research Assistant; these will be rotated for cross-training purposes.

We’ve seen a complete transformation of the department; especially since these new duties were assumed after the Specialists became seasoned in their primary roles. Stabilization of the team after re-engineering, then implementation of the EOC project is helping us more forward in leaps & bounds. Every day I am observing a more cohesive team that prides itself on proactiveness and getting the job done. There is incredible teamwork occurring, plus support the reps give each other is amazing. With additional training and delegation now complete, I am also feeling relief, since there is so much I’ve been able to delegate to the reps. It gives them a sense of satisfaction, ownership and more confidence to have these new roles. These opportunities are also visible examples of activities geared towards career pathing.

Telephone Skills Coaching

Having you listen to our calls and evaluate them helped us provide better quality service to our customers. It also created an increased confidence in each Specialist. Your tips, coaching and guidance were appreciated and we continue to use your feedback today, as we help our callers. MMS Communications Seminar

Your communications seminar was one of the best we’ve ever attended. Not only did it cover communications basics, but also it examined various levels, styles and methods of communication. We learned so much about verbal communication, in addition to reading body language and the importance of active listening skills. Your tips for dealing with sensitive situations and the role-plays were invaluable. Inner Negotiation Workshop

Each of our Specialists attended an INW, provided to them as an optional workshop and a perk, paid for by Dole. As an alumna of the INW (April, 2000), I know the value of skills learned in the workshop for one’s personal and professional growth. Since completion of the INW by everyone, I’ve seen some amazing transformations in people on our team. From changes in attitude and goal setting, to improvements in work habits, team relationships and communications, the INW made and incredible mark on our Specialists. Thank you for offering this fantastic opportunity to us- it is truly a gift!

Speaking on behalf of our call center team, I commend you for offering excellent programs to those people who aren’t afraid to challenge themselves and take their skills to the next level. We appreciated having your example of living life to the fullest, by implementing in your personal life the various skills taught in MMS session and through the various materials you provided.

Thank you for your caring support and guidance. We wish for you always peace, happiness, fulfillment, success and God’s many blessings! Fondly,