One to One Coaching


A Professional Development Coach

"In order for something to come into existence, you must first imagine it; be willing to conjure a desired future which yet doesn't exist. You must look inward, examine what you want while imagining what could be and then allow the door of possibility to open."


  • SEARCHING for meaning, satisfaction and fulfillment in your life

  • READY to learn lessons rather than criticize, blame or feel victimized

  • WILLING to grow, to take responsibility for your circumstances, to fulfill your life's mission

  • WANTING to create a plan that supports you in making your dreams, wishes and goals become reality

MMS Institute, LLC and their exceptional staff of MMS Certified Coaches are what you need.  Their experience and expertise in personal growth coaching and personal development coaching, uses MMS methodology to renew a sense of personal power and positive self-regard in their clients. The resulting clarity regarding self, relationships, career, and personal contribution has been declared "profound" by clients for more than 35 years.

"Taking charge, rather than taking orders is the wave of the future."
- Lynn Stewart, President

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